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Oma tupa


The architectonically valuable community and banquet hall was built from 1919 to 1924 by the association of agricultural producers in Ikaalinen and Ikaalinen Manttaalikunta, the local landowners’ association. The building was designed by the architect Bertel Strömmer. In the inventory of the National Board of Antiquities in 1976, the house was determined to be a cultural-historically valuable building.  The style of the building is Baroque classicism typical of the 1920s.

Oma Tupa has housed, for example, municipal offices, a restaurant, a maternity and child welfare clinic, a barbershop, a dental surgery, a cobbler's shop, a district court, a hostel, the Lotta Svärd café, civil guard and other small enterprises. Oma Tupa is currently a versatile community hall where banquets, meetings, exhibitions and performances are organised. The building also houses a café and the second floor facilities are used for educational purposes. Oma Tupa comprises 30 rooms and its overall area is 1,233 square metres.