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Local History Museum

kotiseutumuseo_pysty.jpgIkaalinen-Seura (Ikaalinen Association), founded in the 1930s, preserves the continuation of the culture and traditions of Ikaalinen. The association’s operation includes organizing traditional events and demonstrating local phenomena. The association is also responsible for maintaining the Local History Museum in Ikaalinen, which is located on a key spot on the church hill.

Ikaalinen Local History Museum was founded in August 1967. The museum’s founding was preceded by an expedition to Ikaalinen by the students of Tampere University’s Folklore Institute. The expedition’s purpose was to gather folklore and artefacts, which were to be preserved in the founded museum. The building for the museum, an old granary next to the church, was donated by the town of Ikaalinen. The granary, which was built to its current location in 1833, is in itself a fine symbol for the museum’s operation.

The base of the museum’s collection consists of around 3 400 catalogued artefacts, all of which the museum has received as donations. The artefacts are displayed in such fashion, that the visitor can easily study them and focus on a certain theme of the collection in one space.

In addition to keeping and displaying the museum’s collection, Local History Museum also strives to preserve the olden lifestyle and mood by enlivening them. The museum organises working performances and activity days, when museum guests can concretely see the artefacts in their original use.

Local History Museum is open for guests in the summertime, primarily on Wednesdays around 10:00 – 13:00.