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Lakes and forests

Lake Kyrösjärvi 


Ikaalinen’s blue heart and the largest lake in the region, Lake Kyrösjärvi, is located in the middle of Ikaalinen. Kyrösjärvi, glowing in shades of blue, borders the verdant town and the numerous homely villages.

It also offers magnificent opportunities for fishing and enjoying the peace of the countryside. Wilderness enthusiasts are presented with excellent fishing waters at Lake Leppäsjärvi, magnificent canoeing routes on the rivers Jyllinjoki and Vääräjoki, and the beautiful rapids scenery in Vahonkoski.

Eskers of Hämeenkangas

Forget your worries and hike in the diverse wilderness of Hämeenkangas: the magnificent esker landscapes and refreshing pine forests. There are opportunities aplenty for recreation in the easily accessible moor forests all year round.

There are numerous recreational outdoor trails in Hämeenkangas, including tens of kilometres of hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing and horseback riding routes with goahtis and lean-to shelters along them for breaks. The networks of wilderness trails provide the preconditions for enjoying the scenery and peace of the countryside.

Vatula’s skiing and hiking terrain

Among skiers, Vatulanharju is known to be a place where there is always snow in the winter. When the first snow falls on Vatulanharju, it almost without exception stays there. Guaranteed skiing months are January–March. There are ski trails of various lengths for keep-fit and competitive skiers, as well as children.

Vatula provides ideal opportunities for exercising throughout the year. When the snow melts, the activities continue in the form of orienteering, hiking and group outdoor recreation and physical activity events.