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Kauppila Farm

Kauppila Farm is a full-service tourism centre and high quality holiday, feast and meeting place along the E12 “Kolmostie” road in close proximity to Ikaalinen Spa. It also lets cottages by Lake Kyrösjärvi and organises programme services as well as adventure and fishing trips. The high quality individual facilities are suitable for company events, family celebrations, relaxation or, for example, stag or hen nights. The beautiful natural surroundings and friendly service ensure that your visit will be unforgettable.


The farm is located close to a variety of services. Beautiful skiing and hiking routes, terrain suitable for berry and mushroom-picking, canoeing routes and good fishing spots are all close by.  Moreover, the largest spa in the Nordic countries, Ikaalinen Spa, is located only a few kilometres away.

The history of Kauppila Farm dates back to the 16th century and it’s one of the old founding farms of the villages of Ikaalinen and Karttu. The farm’s Osthrobothnia-style old main building, Pytinki, was built in 1792. The family of the current owners have owned the farm since 1885. The farm’s more recent main building was built in 1898. In the early-1900s, the farm was one of the largest farms in Ikaalinen. In addition to farm tourism, organic grain is grown on the farm. The farm also has its own museum.

Feasts and meetings with accommodation

Kauppila Farm offers comprehensive services and comfortable facilities for spending a relaxing holiday, successful corporate event or unforgettable family celebration. In addition to the accommodation offered by the farm, visitors can use the hotel services of the nearby Ikaalinen Spa.

Kauppila is the ideal choice for even larger feasts, with the owners taking care of drinks, food and accommodation. The lady of the house prepares tasty meals according to the wishes of the customer. The raw materials for the food come either from the farm or close by and are fresh Finnish produce. When it comes to quality, no compromises are made and, in recognition of this, the farm received the Best of the Provinces quality award in 2008.

Accommodation facilities:

  • The main house has accommodation for 21 persons. The downstairs hall and dining room provide space for events of up to 70 people; for example, family celebrations and meetings. A spacious wood-heated sauna with exceptionally soft heat is located in the basement. There is also  a smoke sauna in the courtyard, which can be reserved separately.
  • The club sauna has accommodation for six people. The reservation sauna/rented cottage was built in 2005 with all the amenities needed for year-round use.
  • The Steward’s Cottage has accommodation for five people. Located in the beautiful countryside, the Steward’s Cottage is the former quarters of the steward of the farm and was built in the early-1900s. The house was renovated and modernised for year-round tourism in 1998.
  • Toivankari cottages has accommodation for eight people. ?Two cottages are located in the same courtyard. The cottages are rented at a common price and only for summertime use.

Meeting facilities:

Kauppila Farm provides facilities for meetings of all sizes up to 70-person events. The atmosphere of the main farm building is that of the calm countryside and offers a nice change to traditional meeting facilities. The accommodation is located on the top floor of the house, which makes it easy to arrange, for example, a weekend company training event.

  • The main house hall has 42 seats
  • The downstairs hall in Pytinki has 24 seats
  • Club sauna has ten seats

After a meeting, it is nice to relax in the farm’s Häme-type smoke sauna and enjoy, for example, Kauppila's own sahti, i.e. home-brewed beer.