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Dugout excursion

Luomahaara Canoe and Nature Trips organises unforgettable experiences and tasty food trips in the regions of Ikaalinen and Jämijärvi. A dugout village has been constructed as the base for trips and festivities on the banks of the River Jyllinjoki. You can organise recreational days, birthdays, stag or hen nights or an office Christmas party in the Dugout village. 


The Dugout village comprises a dugout log cabin, a granary, cooking canopy and two saunas: the tent sauna with soft heat and the atmospheric dugout sauna. Various ramps and slopes make moving around the Dugout village easier for special groups.

Speed or meditation in nature

The following activities are available at the site:

  • Canoeing in the natural beauty of the River Jyllinjoki and Lake Jämijärvi
  • Skiing, hiking and bike trips in the magnificent Hämeenkangas
  • Nordic walking and snow-shoeing
  • Forest survival trips
  • Guided exercise services
  • Camp schools in the terrain of the Dugout village

Catering available

A delicious meal is the highlight of the day’s experiences. The emphasis is on game and seasonal products. The raw materials include a great deal of organic products, and producers from nearby regions are preferred.