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Water fun, wellness and exercise services

PERHESISALTAALLA_72ppi.jpgIkaalinen Spa

Fun and entertainment can be found at Ikaalinen Spa every day. The bubbles and whirls of Water Tropic provide visitors of all ages with fun and entertainment, and the children’s Waterworld is busy with the sound of happy splashing from morning to evening. The introduction of leisure activities and diverse wellness and exercise services has turned Ikaalinen Spa into a holistic centre of wellness.

The versatile Wellness World offers all visitors with the best individually suited and most enjoyable wellness treatments and activities. The spa boasts the most diverse care and pampering offering in Finland and ideal conditions for exercising and outdoors activities and, of course, the home of the Ti-Ti Nalle Family and other stimulating activities for families with children.


Enjoy yourself whatever the weather

Family holidays and Wellness & Sport activity holidays as well as children’s and young people’s facilities complement the spa’s leisure activity range. At Ikaalinen Spa, you will also meet the brightest stars of the schlager world and you can dance to live music every day. Moreover, the different restaurants at the spa offer gourmet experiences for every taste and occasion.

The spa’s varied programme includes various events, theatre performances, exhibitions, festivals and courses during different seasons of the year, not forgetting the daily Wellness & Sport programmes and special programming during the family holiday season and public holidays.


Complete service packages for a variety of experiences

Ikaalinen Spa offers unique facilities and a varied programme for successful conferences, events and experiences. Due to the variety of services, the spa is the right place for both small meetings and larger conferences, including kick-off events for up to one thousand participants.

Visit us to renew, enjoy or refresh yourself alone, in pairs, groups or with the whole family at Finland’s most reliable and renowned year-round entertainment and tourism centre.