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Sauna Festival

Are you a Finnish citizen and do you have an hour to spare? The climax of the Sauna Festival is the Finnish Championships in vihta binding for the sauna. If you still know how to make a birch-twig vihta, register for the competition and go crazy over Finnish sauna culture. The composition, binding, ideal measurements and usability of the vihta will be judged.

The festival also offers a great deal more: Miss Sauna will get her Mister, there is the award of the year’s Sauna Master, sauna dances, sauna-themed exhibitions, various sauna products and, of course, different saunas, with the heat and smell of the vihta from morning till evening and long into the blue summer night… Come and meet other passionate sauna enthusiasts!


SAUNA1_72ppi.jpgSaunaseura Löylynlyöjät ry

The association was founded in 1987 with the purpose of preserving and collecting Finnish sauna traditions. The biggest annual events for the association are the organisation of the annual Sauna Festival and warming the waterside sauna of Ikaalinen Spa for the public during June, July and August. The association members include professionals in many various fields. The chairman, Pentti Hakala, was the Finnish champion in vihta binding in 1993, Sauna Master in 2000 and the World Champion in vihta binding in 2001.


Löylynlyöjät ry offers:

- courses on how to make, preserve and use the vihta
- smoke sauna testing/consulting
- various sauna related chores performed
- rental of sauna on wheels
- reservation of the spa’s waterside sauna during the summer season

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