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Quad bike and snowmobile safaris

Skönön Safarit

Skönön Safarit Oy is a safari enterprise established in 1999 and it operates in Jämijärvi and Ikaalinen Spa. The safaris have been planned for small groups of less than ten people and larger groups of even more than 300 people.

Skönön Safarit organises various programme services. Be surprised by the great off-road performance of the quad bike, enjoy fast snowmobile rides in the beautiful ridged landscape, get excited about curling, or hold a meeting or training event, promote working ability activities or other corporate events with us.

The activity-filled day is rounded off by a sauna and hot tub, after which you can enjoy a tasty meal in a massive goahti restaurant lit with candles and a natural fire. A suitable package will be tailored for larger groups, taking into account the needs and wishes of the group.

Safari is always an experience

Snowmobile rides in the beautiful winter landscape on good routes provide a wonderful experience for both beginners and more experienced drivers. Alternatively, you can set off on a quad safari at any time – spring, summer, autumn and winter – just as long as the subzero temperatures are reasonable. Of course, trips also include the genuine experience of an open fire with coffee and sausages.

The safaris take place in the esker landscape of Hämeenkangas in an area of approximately 4,000 hectares. A snowmobile safari is typically 40–80 kilometres long, and with quad bikes the distance covered is 30–50 kilometres.

Tailored activity packages

Activity packages include pursuits suitable for all and which are easy to combine with, for example, a meeting and promotion of work ability events. You can also visit Skönön Safarit and simply spend the day together in fun activities. Safarit organises peaceful hiking and skiing trips, canoeing and horseback riding excursions, paintballing and much more. All activities can be combined with each other and you can also include a sauna, a relaxing hot tub and dinner.



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