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Pro kalastus

Pro Kalastus organises high quality fishing trips on lake and sea areas for both corporate and private customers.

The aim of the trips is not only to come back with a catch but also to teach the customer something new every time. These skills can then be utilised in future fishing trips as well as in tough competition situations.

The Pro Kalastus guide Kalle Paavola cooperates actively with other top guides in Finland.

Fishing sites: Kyrösjärvi, Rauta-Kulovesi, Lappajärvi, Jämijärvi

Services: jigging, trolling, spin fishing for pike and trout

Fishing competitions

Pro Kalastus organises fishing competitions for companies and other groups supervised by top guides. If you want to spend an unforgettable day competing, here is a fun and good alternative that will be the subject of coffee table discussions for a long time to come.

Extreme trips
If you want to fish for 24 hours and learn how the zander behaves during different times of the day, this is the trip for you. Extreme trips can be organised between 15 May and 15 July when there is enough light during the night.

The basic idea of the trip is to fish for the full 24 hours. The guide will teach various fishing techniques and the use of equipment and explain the behaviour of the zander. The guide also cooks in the boat or on land, depending on the customer's wishes.

Come and discover if the old saying is true: “the zander has to eat all the time to grow big!”


Hämeenkankaan Eräharrastajat ry

During the summer, Hämeenkankaan Eräharrastajat organise courses in fly fishing and fly fishing trips. Get acquainted with nature while fishing and enjoying the peace and quiet on the meadow ponds of Niinisalo. The trips are complemented with meals in a goahti and evening get-togethers in genuine hunting lodges with saunas.

Perhokalastusta luonnon helmassa

Hämeenkankaan Eräharrastajat teaches you the secrets of fly fishing on the beautiful meadow ponds of Niinisalo with valuable fish for catch.  Customers with special needs are also taken into account on the meadow ponds. Depending on your wishes, the fishing can begin with the very basics: equipment and flies, moving on to basic casting techniques. Lessons in the secrets of fly tying are organised for small groups.

When hungry, we'll take a break for our lunch in the goahti or lean-to shelter near the pond. Depending on your requirements, we can also take care of catering and goahti meals.


talvikuha_72ppi.jpgHämeenkankaan Eräharrastajat ry

Pertti Manninen
Tel. +358 40 590 4362
Jorma Mäkinen
Tel. +358 40 748 8629



Fly and lure fishing areas

1) Aurejoki, Kalliokoski-Poltinkoski, Leppäkoski, Käkelänkoski


Leppäsjärven kalastusseura ry

Four rapids, permit area approx. 4 km Rapids requiring permit in the area of the Leppäsjärvi Kalastusseura: Kalliokoski, Leppäkoski, Käkelänkoski, Poltinkoski. Quota of three salmon fishes/day

The most important catch: trout, grayling, rainbow trout, pike, lavaret, ide


Permits for the Leppäskoski Kalastusseura area:

Ikaalisten Golf/Anja Lempinen/Ikitaito Oy, tel. +358 3 458 5210

Tei-Grilli, tel. +358 3 458 7657

2) Aurejoki, Vesakoski-Lehtiniemenkoski, Lierunkoski, Riihikoski


Vahojärven osakaskunta

River area approx. 2 km, four rapids. Rapids requiring permit in the area of the Vahojärvi osakaskunta: Vesaskoski, Lierunkoski, Riihikoski, Lehtiniemenkoski. River area between rapids approx. 2 km.

The most important catch: trout

Permits: e.g. Esso Parkano, tel. +358 3 448 3395

3) Pappilanjoki fishing park, Hämeenkyrö


Mahnalanselän-Kirkkojärvi fishing area

Permit area approx. 4 km.

The most important catch: rainbow trout, zander, pike, asp

Permits: e.g. Frantsilan Kehäkukka, Hämeenkyrö, tel. +358 3 371 4637

In the summer, Kehäkukka’s information point, tel. +358 50 304 8003

The Kalapassi permit for Mahnanselkä-Kirkkojärvi and province-specific lure permit give the right to fish in the park area.

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