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Canoe and nature trips

Luomahaara canoe and nature trips

Luomahaara Canoe and Nature Trips organises unforgettable experiences and tasty food trips in the regions of Ikaalinen and Jämijärvi. A dugout village has been constructed as the base for trips and festivities on the banks of the River Jyllinjoki. You can organise recreational days, birthdays, stag or hen nights or an office Christmas party in the dugout village.

The dugout village comprises a dugout, a granary, cooking canopy and two saunas: the tent sauna with soft heat and the atmospheric dugout sauna. Various ramps and slopes make moving around the dugout village easier for special groups.


Speed or meditation in nature.

While you are there, you can:

  • go canoeing along the beautiful River Jyllinjoki and Lake Jämijärvi
  • go skiing, hiking or biking on the magnificent Hämeenkangas esker
  • go Nordic walking and snow-shoeing
  • take a survival trip in the forest
  • engage in guided exercise activities
  • organise a camp school in the dugout village area

Catering is also available.

A delicious meal is the highlight of the day’s experiences. The emphasis is on game and seasonal products. The raw materials comprise a great deal of organic products and producers from nearby regions are preferred.

Hiking Travel, Hit

Whether you want to spend a few hours in the woods nearby or take a longer 24-hour hike, the professional guides of Hiking Travel, Hit ensure that you and your group can enjoy nature and exercise safely.  Excursions can take place anywhere but the guides are particularly familiar with the Seitseminen National Park and canoeing routes flowing in Lake Kyrösjärvi.

Together with their cooperation partners, Hiking Travel, Hit can offer services from a spa to a smoke sauna. Outside residential areas, cooperation is conducted with the top sites of countryside tourism. It is possible to organise meals at the facilities of our cooperation partners or by a camp fire in nature. The programmes can be organized in Finnish, Swedish, German and English.


Summer tricks

When the ground is frost-free, we travel by hiking, paddling, rowing, kick boarding or climbing. On our water tours, you can try out sesto-paddling—based on the old log floating tradition—or learn to ski on floating skis. For lake paddling and longer river trips for groups, we offer our big canoe which holds 6–8 persons.

Winter fun

In the winter, we move around with snowshoes, skis, long distance skates, ice-climbing equipment or by kick sleds, or try all of these. Our specialties include our wintry team equipment: giant skis, group sleds and giant slide. We also play curling on natural ice.

Surprises all year round

Our exciting town adventures acquaint your group with the stories of Wanha Kauppala of Ikaalinen as well as the intricacies of modern technology.  Or you can delve into the mystery of the forest on a guided tour of Seitseminen or Helvetinjärvi National Park.


Sales products
You can also enjoy the offerings of the woods through group work: wooden Devil’s fists and Jengas manufactured by Hiking Travel, Hit provide groups with challenges, develop cooperation skills and improve team spirit.