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Natural lunch

Ikaalinen and its surrounding areas provide easily accessible natural experiences. Here are a few hints on where to go.

On the lakes and ponds of the Seitseminen and Helvetinjärvi National Parks, angling and ice fishing is allowed without a licence under the everyman´s right (taking into account limits). In the autumn, in addition to the jokimaisema_kanootti.jpglandscape, berries and mushrooms also attract people to these parks.

The varied natural environment of Hämeenkangas also invites people to the magnificent esker landscape and fresh pine forests. At the same time, it is an excellent source of harvest, especially for lovers of lingonberries and chanterelles.

The Hämeenkankaan Eräharrastajat organise teaching in fly-fishing and fly-fishing trips in the summer, particularly at the meadow ponds of Niinisalo with valuable fish for catch. Pro Kalastus also offers high quality fishing trips. The main catch areas are Pirkanmaa’s famous zander waters of Kyrösjärvi and Rauta-Kulovesi.

Kyrösjärvi also offers magnificent opportunities for fishing and enjoying the peace of the countryside. For example, Leppäsjärvi’s rapids are great fishing waters.