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Mökkiavain  provides holiday cottages all year round from Pirkanmaa and Satakunta. An idyllic holiday cottage offers relaxing sleep and unforgettable experiences in the countryside. The peace of the countryside and comfortable cottage life create a unique atmosphere that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Mökkiavain provides rental cottages

From Mökkiavain's range of over 100 cottages, you'll find rental cottages of all sizes and specifications in Pirkanmaa and Satakunta. The holiday cottages have been classified from one to five stars based on the national quality classification. The choice is yours!

Through Ikaalisten Kylpyläkaupunki, it is also possible to rent time shares owned by private individuals in the Ikaalinen Spa area. The proximity of the spa enables varied recreational opportunities, including meeting services, Water Tropics, beauty centre, ski trail network, snowmobile safaris, restaurant services and diverse exercise services. 


Get away from the rat race on a cottage holiday

An idyllic cottage holiday simultaneously offers relaxing sleep and unforgettable experiences. Next to blue lakes, you can spend a carefree summer holiday or combine activities from snowmobile rides to skiing excursions on your winter holiday. The range includes both atmospheric wilderness cabins in proximity to national parks and high-quality luxury cabins with all modern conveniences.

Amid the clean nature and beautiful countryside, you can wander in the woods, pick berries and mushrooms, ski, go canoeing, swim and row, fish and enjoy the silky smooth heat of the sauna by the lake. Take full advantage of the diverse programme service and tourism range and reserve a recreational evening at the farm, fishing trip or wilderness adventure for your group.

It is also possible to have a meeting or get together with friends for an evening in a cottage - there is something for everyone. Combine a trade fair, festivities or meeting with a cottage holiday and reserve cottage accommodation. Mökkiavain provides high quality holiday and meeting cottages for groups of up to 45 persons.

Mökkiavain's extra services:

Programme services

Speed sports on Lake Kyrösjärvi: banana boating, water skiing, donut ride, wakeboarding, guided trolling trip to Lake Kyrösjärvi, snowmobile and quad bike safaris.

Wedding package

Spend an unforgettable wedding night in a cottage! In addition to the atmospheric accommodation, the package includes, among other things, breakfast, candles, sparkling wine and fruit basket.


If you are arriving late in the evening at the cottage, you may order a breakfast package from Mökkiavain. You can enjoy your breakfast on the porch of the cottage or have a picnic while taking in the views.


Book a supper for your family or group. The supper will be delivered to the fridge of your cottage, from where it is quick to heat up -for example, straight after your arrival or it can be enjoyed later after a relaxing sauna and a swim.

Check out the continuously changing cottage offers on the Mökkiavain website!

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