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Camping sites

Toivolansaari Camping

Wake up to the first rays of the morning sun and end the day with a barbeque as the sun slowly sets below the horizon, or come to spend an enjoyable Saturday evening with some karaoke!

Toivolansaari Camping is located in a beautiful spot on an island just 1.5 km from amenities in the centre of Ikaalinen. Toivolansaari has comfortable cottages, granaries and balcony access houses, and an extensive caravan field awaits those travelling by caravan. You can spend your free time by swimming, bathing in the sauna, renting a boat, playing miniature golf or volleyball or, for example, going jogging on an illuminated jogging trail.

Our camping site has 15 cottages of different specifications and extensive grass fields for caravans and tents with electricity outlets. The camping site is equipped with warm and clean toilet and shower facilities in a separate service building. There is also a cooking shelter with cooking plates and hot water.

Varied services and activities

You can enjoy the scorching midday sun on a comfortable terrace or marvel at the lake scenery from the cafeteria. The cafeteria serves treats and drinks for every taste.

The area also has a beach volley court, miniature golf course, a giant trampoline and children’s playground. A well-lit jogging track crosses the island and it is possible to rent a rowing boat or a canoe from the reception (various games are also available for rent). Moreover, there is a tennis court only a short walk away.


Comfortable sauna and separate sauna parlour are also available

You can enjoy the comfortable lakeside sauna or share general sauna turns, or reserve it for your own use. It is possible to organise get-togethers and meetings in the separate sauna. Catering is also available when needed. There are magnificent views of the lake from the porch of the sauna, and from the pier you can dive into the lake to cool down at the end of the day. In the evening, you can relax by grilling sausages. And just a short walk away there is a boat to the spa.


  •  A cafeteria
  •  A children’s playground
  • Cosy sauna and a separate sauna parlour
  • A giant trampolin
  • A beach volleyball court, a miniature golf course, game equipment rentals, etc.
  • Illuminated jogging track
  • Canoe rentals, a rowing boat
  • Two spacious barbeque shelters
  • Cooking shelter with cooking plates and running hot and cold water
  • Water outlets are located near caravan areas
  • In the summertime, gymnastic exercises and instruction 

Toivolansaari Camping
Toivolansaarentie 1, 39500 Ikaalinen
Tel. in summertime +358 3 458 6462,
Tel. outside summertime +358 3 450 1222

Manso Camping

Manso Camping is a pleasant, well-maintained camping facility, located beside Mansoniemi Bridge on Kolmostie (E12), thirteen kilometres north of Ikaalinen towards Parkano (70 km to Tampere).

The camping site has 20 cottages of different sizes and specifications. The four most recently built cottages are equipped with en suite toilet and shower. The 50 caravan spaces on the site are located on an even field. There are also two saunas and a room with a fireplace at your disposal

Children can enjoy themselves on the bouncy castle and in the play house. The area also has a bar and a terrace evening programme and karaoke.

Basic services:

Toilets, showers, washroom, sauna, cooking facilities, dishwashing basins, drinking water outlets, camp-fire site, dog park, grey water disposal, reception, mailbox, cafeteria, kiosk with foodstuffs, playground, walking path, beach

Accommodation alternatives:

Cottages, caravan sites, tent sites, electricity outlets

Manso Camping
Kolmostie 1891, 39500 Ikaalinen

Tel. +358 3 4527 222,  +358456712052

Reception open:
1.5.-30.9. 2018